Blanket Mortgage Insurance covers the servicer’s entire mortgage portfolio against uninsured physical damage and eliminates the hassle of tracking and force placing insurance. The only requirement is to simply verify insurance coverage at loan closing which eliminates the need for further tracking or force placement


  • Eliminates the expense and hassle of tracking and force placing insurance
  • Provides the servicer with blanket property coverage on the entire portfolio
  • Protects against uninsured and underinsured physical damage
  • Eliminate Regulatory Compliance concerns surrounding force placed insurance
  • Lower cost Mortgage Impairment Coverage is available along with Hybrid plans


  • Eliminates the expense of insurance tracking by simply verifying insurance at loan closing
  • Eliminates negative borrower interaction with force placing
  • Eliminates force placing on borrowers with insurance


  • Coverage from loan inception to pay-off or disposition
  • All Risk Residential and Commercial Coverage
  • Coverage on all loan types: Residential, Commercial, 2nds.Lines of Credit
  • Coverage up to outstanding loan balance
  • Coverage is dual interest without the loan being in default







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